Apple cider vinegar before bed

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There are countless things that you are used to drinking before going to bed. Those who like to smell the sweet taste are inclined to an orange juice. A glass of warm milk is recommended to help you sleep. A cold beer can help quell thirst on hot summer evenings.

However, according to some, there is nothing healthier than a good glass of apple cider vinegar before bed. Although not very pleasant, it seems to bring many benefits to body and mind.

A ritual with miraculous effects on health.

Apple cider vinegar before bed

Apple cider vinegar has a strong smell and an unpleasant, sour and intense taste. Yet it is a superfood that contains in its composition various properties that are the source of many health benefits.

When drunk before bed, this drink is particularly healthy, especially when it comes to 100% natural and organic apple cider vinegar.

Below we present to you apple cider vinegar before bed:

1. Potential Benefits


Apple cider vinegar is one of those ingredients that everyone recommends for its many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

In addition, its acidic composition has an alkaline effect that neutralizes the pH.

In particular, if consumed before going to sleep, it is a drink which offers many health benefits.

  • Helps fight insomnia

A good way to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood is to drink apple cider vinegar before going to bed. And this fact contributes to the fact that this drink helps you sleep better.

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Therefore, an apple cider vinegar drink combats insomnia, as some of the causes of nocturnal awakenings are related to the rapid changes that occur in glucose levels at night.

L’acetic acid content in apple cider vinegar may have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It turns out to be a excellent remedy to oppose

  • bad breath
  • intestinal infections
  • certain skin infections

In addition, it is an effective antidote for sore throats.

  • It is indicated in weight loss diets

Among the most popular benefits of apple vinegar is its slimming effect. Its contribution to the stabilization of blood sugar results in a delay in the perception of an empty stomach.

So drinking apple cider vinegar makes you lose weight because it reduces appetite and leads to fewer calories ingested. According to some, it can also act as natural drainage to lose weightreducing the abdominal fat.

  • Slow down aging

Apple cider vinegar is packed with antioxidant properties that can fight free radicals. These are among the main culprits of the aging process.

And so, while you sleep, you stay young with the benefits of mother apple vinegar!

According to some, there are also beneficial effects ofapple cider vinegar for circulation.

2. Potential contraindications

If you’re considering introducing apple cider vinegar into your wellness routine Before bedtimekeep in mind that there are some contraindications.

  • It can be nauseous and difficult to digest

Like all acid-based foods, apple cider vinegar can make it difficult digestionespecially if taken before go to sleep.

It is also not recommended if you have a particular predisposition to gastric reflux.

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It can also cause a feeling of nausea. This seems to be, among other things, one of the reasons why the maple of Cider is among the weight loss drinksIf you feel nauseous, your appetite decreases and you naturally have one weightloss!

  • It is aggressive for tooth enamel

Habitual consumption of acid-based foods puts a strain on the shine of your smile. Vinegar, in particular, gradually attacks the enamel, destroying it.

Consumption daily apple cider vinegar therefore represents a serious threat to the safety of your teeth, since they are deprived of their natural protective layer.

Whenever you consume an acidic food or drink, remember to rinse your mouth well.

  • Doesn’t get along with some of me

If you are taking medications that lower potassium levels in your blood, be careful, as apple cider vinegar has a similar effect. The result is a decrease of this substance below safe limits.

Before drinking your beneficial drink every night, talk to your doctor.

3. How to drink apple cider vinegar


At this point, you’re probably wondering: apple cider vinegar how to use it?

Don’t worry about drinking it all at once, although it could be an interesting social media challenge.

Even if there is several ways to consume this ingredient, you can simply mix it with a liquid, i.e. with water or tea, which makes it much less aggressive:

  • dilute one teaspoon of vinegar apples in a glass of water lukewarm
  • drink it an hour before going to bed
  • best to drink it with a straw

Once done, you can enjoybeneficial apple cider vinegar with that good drink with a strong personality.

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And you can also try theapple cider vinegar before meals!


Apple cider vinegar is widely used in cooking and you may know how tasty it can be in salads.

But even if you use it daily, you probably never thought of making it a healthy drink to drink before bed.

Yet, despite its quite strong flavor, if you mix it with water or tea, you can enjoy its unexpected benefits.


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