before or after meals?

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Magnesium is an essential mineral for carrying out a multitude of metabolic processes. It also helps to ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles, immune system he was born in cardiovascular system.

Therefore, its consumption in the right quantities is important.

Most people are able to support themselves on a balanced diet with foods rich in magnesium as the Whole grains and the dried fruit. However, in some cases it may be necessary to use a supplement of this mineral.

You discover when taking magnesium before or after mealsTiming may also be relevant, particularly if you are taking certain types of medications.

When should I take magnesium before or after meals?

If you’re taking a magnesium supplement, you’ll probably ask yourself: when is the best time to take it?

Before, during or after meals?

Morning or evening?

Before or after training?

Let’s try to better understand what are the factors that can help you maintain good levels of magnesium in your body.

Below we present to you when taking magnesium before or after meals:

Is the time factor relevant?


The truth is that there is not commonly referred to as “the right time” to take a magnesium supplement.

The really important thing is to be aware of what intake is. magnesium tailored to your daily needs.

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For example, if you exercise, what can really interfere with the results is the fact that the dose you take is not enough.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the benefits are usually not felt immediately, but you may need to take the supplement for several months before you feel the effects.

Why do you have to be consistent?

According to nutrition experts, it is particularly important take magnesium always at the same time and in the same way. No matter the time of day.

Do you suffer from stress and chronic fatigue? You have the premenstrual syndrome? Then it is best to take magnesium in the morning.

Morning consumption is also recommended if you are taking the magnesium for weight loss.

Do you want to sleep peacefully? In this case, it is recommended take magnesium before going to sleep due to the relaxing effect the mineral has on muscular system and on the nervous.

There is another reason to take magnesium at night because our bodies primarily process the mineral when we sleep. It is therefore at night that our body uses the mineral for many recovery processes.

Should it be taken all at once?

No, it is recommended to consume the daily dose of magnesium in the day by dividing it into two or three times. In this way, the mineral will be better used by the body, rather than if you had consumed it in a single dose.

This is due to the fact that magnesium absorption on the part of our cells occurs in a saturable way.

This means that if we “fill” the cell with this nutrient, theexcess magnesium it will be eliminated through faeces, urine and sweat. There is also a risk of obtaining the opposite effect, namely a magnesium deficiency.

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This is why it is not necessary to consume a large dose of magnesium all at once: our body is unable to maintain a “supply” of this nutrient.

By taking small doses throughout the day, until the daily requirement is met, magnesium is supplied to the cells in sufficient quantity. And this is absorbed and used to maintain physiological activities.

Is it best to take it with food?

Better to take it with food

In principle, the magnesium supplements they are well tolerated and are not particular magnesium contraindications. In some people, however, they can cause side effects, such as nausea, abdominal cramps, headache and diarrhea.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms after taking the product, it is recommended that you try to consume it with meals. This way you can try to counteract the symptom, preventing it from recurring.

In any case, it is always a good idea to seek the advice of your doctor, who will be able to recommend the most suitable recruitment methods according to your specific needs.

Can magnesium be taken with other medications?

If you are on therapy that involves taking medication, you should be careful because a magnesium supplement this may compromise its effect.

Magnesium may reduce the absorption of the following drugs:

  • tetracycline-type antibiotics. Take the magnesium supplement at least 4 hours before or 2 hours after these medications
  • quinolone antibiotics. Take these medications at least 2 hours before or 4 hours after the magnesium supplement.
  • bisphosphonate-type osteoporosis medications. Consume the magnesium supplement at least 2 hours later.
  • drugs in coagulation disorders eltrombopa. Take the magnesium supplement at least 4 hours before or 2 hours after.
  • If in doubt, it is always best to seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.
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Magnesium Identikit

Magnesium is a mineral that controls more than 300 enzymes in our body and therefore plays an important role in many physiological processes. That’s what magnesium is for:

  • contributes to normal muscle function
  • plays an active role in the functioning of the nervous system
  • promotes the functioning of the metabolism and the absorption of energy from food
  • helps keep teeth and bones healthy
  • supports normal psychological function
  • helps fight fatigue, especially in times of stress

the magnesium in the body it is stored as magnesium salt. There are approximately 25 grams of magnesium in an adult. Half is in the bones, a quarter in the muscles, and the rest in the nervous system and other organs.

Of all the vitamins and minerals, magnesium is – after calcium – the most abundant in the human body.

In some products specifically formulated to compensate for fatigue and weakness, magnesium is added with citric acid, Vitamin C and other mineral salts.

To replenish your energy, you can take a supplement of magnesium and potassiummore efficient than simple potassium supplement.


Magnesium is found in many foods, such as nuts, vegetables, and dairy products. Nevertheless, magnesium supplementation can sometimes be useful.

In principle, it does not matter when you hire him. It is best to choose a fixed time of day. This makes taking a supplement a habit, so you’re less likely to forget about it.


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