Cervical pillow: how to use it?

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A cervical pillow is a fundamental accessory in the equipment of those who travel more or less often. If you travel by plane, train or bus, you know that you will spend several hours in a confined space, where it is difficult to feel comfortable.

What if you are forced to drive long distances sitting in the back seat of the car?

Better not to talk about it.

But did you know that this effective support can also be used at home, to make your sleep routine more comfortable?

Discover with us how to use neck pillow and which type is best suited to your needs.

How to use the neck pillow

If you’ve ever taken a long plane trip, you know how uncomfortable it can be. You already have little legroom, and sitting most of the time minimizes the number of sleeping positions.

You may also be accustomed to sleeping on your side or on your stomach and therefore sleeping upright is even more difficult.

But even if you regularly lie on your back, you know what an uncomfortable headrest can lead to: TERRIBLE NECK PAIN!

A neck pillow provides more head support and avoids discomfort Neck pain and the headache. And once home, you can continue sleeping with your precious U-shaped pillow, getting the most out of it night after night. It’s like that.

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Below we present to you how to use neck pillow:

1. Cervical pillow for traveling


THE neck pillows that you find on the market today have nothing to do with those of yesteryear. Not only are they EXTRA-COMFORTABLE, but they also provide targeted support exactly where you need it:

  • if you want a practical and space-saving option, you can opt for an inflatable model, which you can also put in your pocket when not in use
  • if you are looking for a solution that gives you sufficient mobility, the gel one is for you
  • if you suffer from neck painlook for a pillow that keeps your head upright, either right side neck pain that of left side neck pain

To use your pillow on the go, follow these steps.

Most travel pillows need to be inflated. Don’t worry: the amount of air they can hold is quite small, so you can easily do it by mouth.

Once it’s full, try placing it on your neck to check the comfort level. If it’s too stiff, deflate it slightly.

Although the most obvious thing is to put the open part in front of you, try turning it over. With this simple trick, you get two benefits:

  • you don’t have an uncomfortable bulge behind your head
  • you have effective support in case when you fall asleep your head bends forward

Among other things, this promotes proper neck alignment.

If you’ve chosen a pillow with additional gel or other material filling, try placing it on the side that’s most comfortable for you.

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Using a rubber band, tie the pillow to it to keep it locked where you want it. at the desired point

If no one is sitting next to you, you can place the cushion in the space between the seats. You can also lean it against the window and… rest well!

2. Cervical pillow at home

Do not know what to do for cervical? The U-shaped pillow is also ideal for a relaxing sleep even on the bed at home.

Let’s see how to best use it, especially if you have little ones neck pain and behind.

First, immerse your head in the Pillow. Position it so that it is comfortable and enveloping, without bothering you at any point of the cervical tract.

Slowly lie down on the mattress and make sure your shoulders and neck are in contact with the surface.

Find the most comfortable lying position. In this way, you will avoid having to travel later, in search of the good sleeping position.

old fashioned cervical hernia symptomsin any case, avoid lying on your stomach, so as not to strain too much spine and sharpen i neck pain.

  • Check for proper alignment

Once you have found the correct position, check that the spine is correctly aligned with the cervical spine.

The head should be effectively supported by the neck, without leaning to one side or the other.

  • Wait a quarter of an hour

If you don’t feel comfortable, wait to change positions immediately. Please note that I neck muscles they need about fifteen minutes to fully relax.

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If after this time you still feel uncomfortable, find another position.

Likewise, it takes your body a week to tune in to a new pillow. A little patience and then you can finally sleep peacefully.

  • Always keep the pillow in shape

It’s a good habit to turn the pillow every two or three weeks, to allow the structure to remain in perfect condition, without risk of deformation.

Likewise, if you have neck and neck pain or suffer from torticollis don’t forget to keep in shape, every day, with yours exercises for the neck!

3. How to choose the neck pillow


Based on sleeping positionsyou can find the pillow that suits you:

  • if you lie on your side, a pillow for bed rigid about ten centimeters high
  • choose a medium consistency if you usually sleep on your back
  • if you fall asleep on your stomach orthopedic pillow it must be low and soft

The most suitable material for a travel pillow is memory foam or freezing.
Don’t forget to check out the coupons too bed pillow size according to your needs.


A neck pillow is an essential travel companion for long-distance travel. It supports your neck, helps you relax, and helps you find the right position to take a nap even if you’re sitting in one of the tightest places.

The real surprise is that you can also use it at home in case of cervical inflammationto finally spend peaceful nights and say goodbye to annoying neck pain.


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