Grape seeds: properties of grape seeds

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Do you happen to remember the last time you ate grapes with seeds?


Supermarket fruit counters are now overrun with seedless varieties, and even the food industry treats seeds as waste.

However, after reading this article, you may reconsider your positions. In fact, you will find that the combination properties of grape seed hosts a small charitable heritage that you will not want to do without.

A little tip before you start: if you want to stock up on antioxidants contained in berrieschoose the American grape variety or the red grape variety instead of the green grape varieties.

Secrets and virtues of grape seeds

What are grape seeds? These are the little grape seeds, a bit boring to eat, but full of energy.

Already in the Middle Ages, grape seeds were used for the preparation of cosmetics and as a remedy for inflammation. Its valuable ingredients have a positive effect on the whole organism.

1. Is eating grapeseed safe?


Grape seeds are not particularly popular. They taste bitter when you bite them and they slip nonchalantly between your teeth. Other than that, what many don’t know is that grapeseeds are healthy.

This tiny little gift from Mother Nature has more beneficial properties than the pulp. If you want to use these anti-inflammatory and germicidal substances for your well-being, you should chew some seeds while you taste the grapes.

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You can safely eat them and your body will thank you.

2. How to consume grape seeds

You can take about 300 mg per day, by consuming them with fruits or by adding them to yogurt, smoothies, salads.

If because of their slightly bitter taste they do not go down, you can use the extract of grape seeds as an alternative to fresh seeds and add it to muesli and smoothies. And with cold-pressed grapeseed oil, you can make flavorful salad dressings, sauces, and fries.

3. Health Benefits of Grape Seeds

Properties-Grape Seed

Source of fiber, vitamins C and E, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins, the element responsible for fighting free radicals, grape seeds are recommended by experts to prevent certain types of heart disease and allergies.

They are rich with essential fatty acidL’linoleic acidwho is the ancestor of fatty acids of the family of omega 6.

If you are afraid of falling on a long series of grapeseed oil contraindications don’t worry: grapeseed seeds, oil and essence of grapeseed and grape seed flour they are safe for health and also help in the fight against bad cholesterol.

Since they promote elasticity, the seeds help reduce the risk of obstruction of the venous pathways, preventing the development of varicose veins and the appearance of thrombosis. For the benefit of cardiovascular system.

With grape seeds you can strengthen the immune system. Thanks to the contribution of vitamin C, you will have an additional protective barrier, to ward off viruses, colds, flu and infections.

The high fiber intake is the cause of the bitter taste of the seeds. Their consumption promotes the cleansing of the intestine and the elimination of toxins that have accumulated.

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In addition, grape seeds will make the organ work properly, thus preventing constipation.

The presence of fiber helps to provide satiety by avoiding overeating.

The seeds also contain enzymes that metabolize fats, helping to eliminate excess in a natural way.

Source of vitamin E, small grape seeds help in the treatment and prevention of vision problems caused by diabetes or fatigue due to hours of uninterrupted effort.

4. Grape seeds in cosmetics

There are already many cosmetics that contain grapeseed in their formulation, which is due to the fact that they are rich in a substance called polyphenol.

In addition to numerous health benefits, polyphenols are prized by the cosmetics industry because they prevent the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers. In this way, they help maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

the properties of grape seeds include i antioxidant compounds. Thanks to phenol and vitamin E content are among the main responsible for benefits of grapes:

  • help prevent symptoms of premature cell aging
  • leaves the skin smoother
  • delay the appearance of stretch marks
  • they stimulate the production of collagen, giving elasticity
  • moisturize and prevent the development of acne
  • they have properties anti-inflammatory
  • facilitate the capillary microcirculation

Specifically, there is a polyphenol called resveratrol, already believed by science to be the secret to youth and used by many as a “longevity pill”.

Try making an exfoliating mask like this.

Ingredients :

  • a handful of organic quality whole seeds
  • three teaspoons of vegetable oil
  • a spoonful of salt or sugar


  • grind the seeds in a blender or with a mortar
  • mix with oil and salt or sugar
  • apply this exfoliating paste on a clean face in circular movements
  • leave about half an hour
  • rinse your face thoroughly
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You can also massage a few drops of pure grapeseed oil on the face. However, it is not recommended to attempt to production of one DIY grapeseed oil because it’s really difficult.


If you are one of those people who eat grapes and throw away the seeds, know that you are throwing away a wealth of beneficial substances.

Grapeseed brings various benefits to our health, from the health of the skin to the well-being of our body in general (you have already heard, for example, the binomial grapes and cholesterol?).

Introduce them into your diet: you will discover many other benefits from consuming this small but extraordinary food!


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