How to remove woodworms and plug the holes? Step by step guide

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How can we eliminate woodworms and close the holes restore the aesthetics and function of a piece of furniture or an architectural element? In this guide we will try to give all the useful information and indications to eradicate woodworms with techniques of 100% resolution and easy to apply.

What are Woodworms Woodworms are xylophagous insects which feed on the pulp of dead wood. The result of this incessant work of “gnawing” the wood is an infinity of micro-tunnels which in a short time damage the structure of the product in depth, compromising its aesthetics and its function.

The product of this activity is rosume, or sawdust it turns out that, as we will see, it is one of the clues that gives us the right certainty, often out of time to solve it, of the presence of woodworms inside a piece of furniture or other. These burrows are then used by the insects to deposit the larvae, thus having the possibility of reproducing indefinitely by extending to any wooden structure.

Woodworms: Here’s how to recognize them:


Often and with pleasure, we notice woodworms when they have already infested more than 50% of a piece of furniture. or any other wooden component. The holes indeed become so numerous and visible that it is impossible not to notice them. Either we realize it because by suddenly opening a door or a drawer, it breaks because its structure is now particularly compromised.

To avoid noticing the presence of woodworms late it is necessary to make an analysis of our furniture periodically or in any case pay attention to the clues that we can see even when we are cleaning.

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The most obvious is the presence of wood dust which can accumulate in the interior corners of the furniture, at the back or on the floor, where it would be difficult to notice it if we did not go and do targeted checks. . So on closer inspection we will realize that there are also small holes which can also be particularly large, up to 5 mm. Here is the alarm bell that should alert us that our furniture is attacked by woodworms and therefore that it is necessary to intervene before eradicating them is complex or even too late.

It is important to intervene quickly by isolating this element to prevent that – as is easy to understand – woodworms also affect any other furnishing or structural wooden accessory. If the roof of the house is made of wood, it is even possible to hear them working at night.

What to do in the presence of woodworms?

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If we were good at finding the clues that make us understand that one or more pieces of furniture in the house have been attacked by woodwormsthe first thing to do is to empty their contents and, if we have the possibility, to isolate them from the other healthy components, perhaps by wrapping them in cellophane and sealing them carefully.

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So we’re getting ready to treat the wood with suitable products which must be injected into the visible holes or brushed over the entire surface and waited for them to have the necessary effect. But which of these two systems is the best? There is no best, rather it is a matter of using both to have a better chance of success.

Anti-woodworm treatment for fumigation Both anti-worm systems of which we have already spoken, are effective interventions only if we are lucky enough to quickly notice the presence of woodworms and therefore in the presence of a visible hole. But if it is a phenomenon now generalized in all furniture, unfortunately we only risk getting frustrated and not solving the problem.

How then? Stronger measures should be taken depending on the extent of the problem, i.e. create a fumigation chamber. This system until a few years ago was not accessible to an amateur who wanted to take care of the problem solving himself. In fact, we had to contact a specialist who would take care of it for us. Today, the market offers practical solutions that allow anyone with minimal manual skills to process wood with a anti woodworm for fumigation.

This system is based on a very simple and effective principle: the furniture is sealed inside a cellophane bag and smoke is injected inside with a special machine that penetrates all the tunnels created by the worms. wood, eliminating them, including the larvae. . Once the treatment is complete, we must remove the cellophane and clean everything thoroughly before proceeding with the restoration of the artifact.

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How to close woodworm holes in wood:

Now that we’ve won the battle against woodworms, how do we plug the holes? Let’s go in order. First of all, we must verify by means of tests that the structure is sound, and in case it is necessary, we must take care to remove the parts that are now compromised and repair with suitably worked new wood or , more simply, using wood putty.

then we dedicate ourselves, arming ourselves with holy patience, to fill in the gaps always using a paste wood putty using a spatula. Then, a proper sanding of the furniture as a whole will follow and, finally, we will proceed with the painting.

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