SpyCam Wi-Fi bulb: how does it work? Reviews, opinions, cost and official website

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Home security is a very important issue and more and more families are looking for ways to protect their homes and belongings.

By buying a SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulbyou can remotely monitor everything that happens in your home, thanks to this technological device capable of detecting the slightest abnormal movements and connecting directly to your smartphone.

SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb Key Features:

The SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb it has a discreet and elegant design, which allows it to be positioned in any corner of the house or outdoors, where it will be protected from the elements thanks to the waterproof material that composes it. The bulb is very easy to place and is extremely discreet: no one will notice. Many decide to hide the camera behind objects or in invisible places, to ensure even more incognito shooting. The SpyCam Bulb with Wi-Fi connection definitely worksand everyone who has ever bought it has been satisfied with its usefulness in protecting the house.

The dimensions of this camera, 150 × 65 mm, are so small that it can be positioned anywhere: from the ceiling to the walls, behind a painting or inside a houseplant. Its wide-angle lens guarantees a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment, so you don’t lose any movement. Wherever you place it, the camera captures and records everything that happens around you, to ensure 100% security in your home or in front of your store.

Moreover, the SpyCam Bulb it is integrated with the ‘night vision’ function, which allows you to detect movements even in the dark. Its technology is able to detect the slightest movements and activate the telephone alarm. The device works in infrared and ensures a viewing angle of 360 degrees, with an excellent resolution of 1080P in FullHD and a 3.6mm lens.

One of most popular features part of this camera disguised as a light bulb is the Wi-Fi connection, which makes it compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Supported mobile systems are IOS and Android. Also, customers who have already tried it have left avery positive review about the ability to record audio and speak directly from your smartphone.

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How the SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb Works:

how does the spycam wifi bulb work

The SpyCam Bulb it has a static IP address which makes it accessible from your smartphone, wherever you are. Thanks to the SD memory card, you can record many hours of video with embedded audio and save them on your smartphone. To watch the video, you need to remove the SD card and insert it into your computer. Once downloaded, you can share your camcorder footage with anyone quickly and easily.

For the placement of the camera, choose a place at risk and requiring surveillance. Some choose to leave it prominently hanging from the ceiling beams, while others prefer to hide it behind other objects.

Either way, anyone who enters the house will be picked up by the SpyCam. The infrared LED technology with which it is equipped ensures better clarity in the shots. Videos recorded by the SpyCam Bulb are in high resolution (2.0 megapixels in fullHD) and best quality, like real professional camcorders. The convenience of SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb is that you will not have to remember to activate the alarm before leaving the house, the camera will detect the slightest movement and you will be able to know everything that is happening in your home thanks to your smartphone.

To connect with the camera, the dedicated Yosee application in Italian is available for installation on all devices (Windows, Ios, Android).

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Activation of the SpyCam Wifi alarm:

Customers who purchased a camcorder a The SpyCam Wifi bulb was satisfied its notification availability: thanks to the innovative telephone alarm technology, the SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb sends an alarm notification to your smartphone as soon as it detects suspicious movements or strangers trying to enter your home. Thanks to this technology, many people have prevented thieves who have entered the house from stopping the theft, precisely because the SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb he had activated the alarm by sending a phone notification to the owner, who was able to immediately take action by phoning the police and stopping the thief from making off with the loot.

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Likewise, the telephone alarm is activated if the SpyCam detects sudden movements of pets. A lot Comments So professional video camera they describe how owners were able to call their dogs back when they started barking, annoying the whole neighborhood.

Buy a professional Wi-Fi SpyCam bulb camera this can be a great way to call your dog whenever he barks at passers-by or animals lurking in your yard. In fact, by checking SpyCam video hidden outside, you can see what your pet is doing and remind it with audio through the app.

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Benefits of Buying a SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb:

If you have decided to find a solution to your home security and want to rely on the best state-of-the-art devices, a SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb it will solve all your problems regarding the protection of your loved ones.

How many times have you wanted to register the exterior of your house to find out the license plate of the car that ransacked your garden or to catch the thief who broke into your house red-handed? Thanks to SpyCam Wi-Fi bulb technologymonitoring everything that happens at home when you are not there is possible.

This small, discreetly designed camera monitors every movement that occurs in your home. Being directly connected to your smartphone, you can see with your own eyes if there are any abnormal situations in your living room. Many consumers have avoided thefts and burglaries in their homes with the help of a Professional SpyCam.

This device adapts to the needs of all those who are forced to spend many hours away from home and need to control it. Many choose to buy it also to monitor the movements of their pets or any suspicious movement of people walking around private property. In the busiest times and when there are more thefts in different neighborhoods, it is important to keep your belongings safe and check your home 24 hours a day.

If placed indoors, the SpyCam records efficiently people’s behaviors. For example, if the nanny to whom you entrust your children is suspicious, you can check it from your smartphone via the SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb. Its light bulb design disguises it and makes it very discreet. None of your unwanted guests will notice that they are being filmed by a video camera.

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Reviews and opinions of customers who have purchased SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb:

Spycam Wifi bulb reviews

Consumers who have chosen to buy spy camera they left a lot positive reviews in regards to. The features of the SpyCam bulb most highlighted by customers are the ease of installation of the device and the excellent value for money.

The difference with other surveillance cameras available on the market is obvious: SpyCam stands out others because it is effective, innovative and works better other cameras purchased from a price three times higher.

In addition to price, customer reviews highlight the SpyCam’s excellent quality and sleek, understated design. The images recorded by the device are crisp and high resolution on the smartphone, a monitoring device that certainly does not disappoint expectations.

Moreover, the opinions of customers focus on the functionality of the built-in SpyCam app. Customers appreciated the responsiveness to app commands and the guaranteed excellent viewing angle. The range of movement of the camera is wide and guarantees control of every corner of the house.

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Where to buy it, price and official website:

The SpyCam Wi-Fi Bulb is a device for monitoring your home and definitely works: the opinions of those who have already used this system to protect their homes testify to this. In order not to miss the current exclusive offer, hurry up and buy a SpyCam easily online.

By filling out the form on the dedicated site you can buy a SpyCam bulb and receive the product comfortably at home, at a special rate: €79.90 instead of €99.90.
You can buy it through the site by filling out the form. The offer is limited and valid while stocks last.

See the SpyCam bulb offer on the official website – Last pieces on sale

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