Window cleaning robot: does it work well? Reviews, reviews and prices

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The window cleaning robot is the innovative smart device for the professional cleaning glass and windows.

Washing windows is often a tedious, difficult and dangerous operation in terms of safety: climbing a ladder is not always possible, especially when facing the exterior windows of a building or a veranda. Then there is the inconvenience of halos which make it difficult to obtain the desired result of crystal clear and perfectly clean glasses.

Despite the use of targeted products and the use of the right precautions, at the end of the washing operation – sometimes even tiring – the glass continues to appear marked.

With Window Cleaner, you can clean them quickly and easily, thanks to a advanced technology which will help you wash windows from the inside and outside, not excluding inaccessible corners. Let’s get to know him better.

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What is Window Cleaner?

The window cleaner is a robot designed to wash windows automatically, professionally, adhering perfectly smooth or rough, horizontal and vertical surfaces, cleaning them impeccably, without streaks and without lines.

It is composed two rotating brushes, with a rounded shape that will be covered with the supplied microfiber cloths. While one brush, on which an adequate amount of detergent has been poured, cleans the glass, the other dries the surfaces leaving them clear: this advanced cleaning system with two cloths allows intense cleaning of all surfaces, not only glass from your homes but also mirrors and shop windows.

The Al technology that Window Cleaner has, allows an efficiency identification of obstacles and window sills.

The structure of the robot is made of plastic, light and with a simple and essential design: it consists of a motor enclosed in a polycarbonate shell and has the shape of a T.

The motor drives the two circular brushes, which are covered with a fabric cover: Window Cleaner will arrive at your home with 14 microfiber cloths that you can change as needed, even washing them in the washing machine. Motor power equal to 90W will not affect your power consumption.

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How does the window cleaning robot work?

Using Window Cleaner to clean the windows in your home is very simple, just follow little Easy not to achieve amazing results and abandon the simple manual washing of windows and other surfaces.

The first step is to connect the device to the power supply. By pressing the front button, the motor is activated and begins to vacuum, attaching itself to the glass. As soon as the window cleaner beeps, it’s time to leave it on the contact surface, pressing the start button again to begin its cleaning action.

If you want to control it remotely and make sure the robot reaches even the most difficult edges, you can use the remote: to start it, just press the Start button, while it is possible to stop the automatic cleaning operation with the Stop button. You can also move the robot to desired areas using the directional arrows. The use of the remote control is really practical and facilitates the use of the electric window washer even for an elderly person, little expert in technological devices.

At the end of the cleaning, an acoustic signal will notify you that Window Cleaner has finished its work, while modern colored LEDs indicate when the battery is charged. What is this last feature of the window cleaning robot for? Well, this proves to be important in case of power failure during the cleaning process. If that should happen, don’t worry: the window cleaner comes with a internal battery which allows it to work autonomously for 20-25 minutes, without the device losing its adhesion to glass or any other contact surface.

To guarantee you even more safety when using the window cleaning robot, the manufacturers send, together with the product, a safety rope which, if properly secured, prevents the machine from falling. It is advisable to use the rope, especially if you are using the window cleaner on very large surfaces at height, because a sudden drop, in the event of a power cut, could represent a serious risk.

Window Cleaner allows you to choose between 3 cleaning paths: from top to bottom, from left to right and vice versa. It does not leave scratches on the surfaces and allows to obtain a shiny glass, much cleaner than when washed manually, avoiding the formation of halos or annoying fluff.

In the robot pack, which you will receive comfortably at home, there are:

  • the robot
  • 14 interchangeable machine washable cloths
  • 2 rotating rings for cleaning
  • 1 remote control to operate the device remotely
  • 1 charger.

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Reviews and opinions of those who bought it:

Many customers have trusted Window Cleaner to experience a new way of cleaning windows that would make them truly satisfied and, considering the many Comments positive results obtained with the product, it really seems to deliver on its promises.

A large number of returns relate to the difficulty of reaching the exterior windows of residential or office buildings and the danger of venturing to clean them, simply by climbing a ladder and washing the windows manually. This problem has been definitively solved thanks to Window Cleaner which manages to reach, among other things, corners that are difficult to reach normally and for this it has been rewarded with enthusiastic customer reviews.

The latter, quite satisfied not to have to force themselves to clean the windows, even recommend the right ways to moisten one of the cleaning brushes to obtain excellent resultsand invites you to perform several passages of the robot on the glass if it is very dirty.

The power of adhesion to surfaces is excellent: some opinions on the web still invite you to use the safety rope provided to avoid possible collapses and damage to the ground or even worse to people.

The window cleaner is very popular for its high cleaning power and polishing and has been particularly popular with customers with very tall windows that might be difficult to wash manually. The only negative note about the extraordinary Window Cleaner robot concerns its noise which remains bearable and normal for most users who have evaluated the product on the Web.

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Price and where to buy the robot window cleaner:

The Window Cleaner robot has enjoyed considerable success and currently has many imitations that have taken inspiration from its quality and performance, without success: some customers, attracted by the low prices offered, have fallen into scams by buying a product that has nothing to do with it is to do with the original. For this reason, the manufacturer invites you to beware of unauthorized channels that offer the sale at knockdown prices of electric window cleaning robots that do not correspond to Window Cleaner.

The product, guaranteed by the producers and authentic, can only be purchased on the official website, available at this link. To meet customer needs and offer the window cleaning robot to a price exceptional, the manufacturing company has decided to put it on sale at the price of €199.99instead of 299.99 euros.

To receive the window cleaner comfortably at home, you will need to complete the purchase order present on the site with your data, including address and any notes for mail. You will be contacted by a customer service operator to confirm the purchase and shipment of the product, which takes place within a few days and is completely free. You can pay the robot directly at the delivery by courier, in cash. The offer offered is for a limited time.

If you want to clean windows and other surfaces using the Window Cleaner robot, keep these in mind outstanding features:

  • offers an intelligent and innovative cleaning system thanks to two brushes capable of performing precise washing;
  • features 3 automatic cleaning modes to move freely across surfaces, including the hardest-to-reach corners;
  • it is equipped with two safety systems: the first, electric, represented by the lithium battery which is activated in the event of a lack of electricity and the device can no longer be supplied with electricity; the second, consisting of the safety cable that protects the device against falls;
  • it is possible to control Window Cleaner remotely thanks to the remote control which allows to direct the cleaning brushes towards the desired points.

See Window Cleaning Robot on sale on the official website – Last items on sale

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